Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission approves plats for new sub-divisions, zoning and re-zoning requests. They meet annually or as needed.

  • Rhonda Johnson

  • Dale Robertson

  • Gary Graham

  • Larry Shriver

  • Craig Zenor

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is an appeal board for anyone wishing to request a variance of a setback or other building or zoning regulation.

  • Steve Fanslau

  • Jeff Privia

  • Robert Achenbach

  • Robert Pingel

  • Sandy Redshaw

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City - Mayor-Pro-tem

    Bob Dose

    City - Finance

    • Jill Willard, Bob Dose, Gary Wahle

    City - Personnel

    • Mayor Bardsley, Ed Freuck, Jim Pingel

    City - Streets

      Brett Goehring, Bob Dose, Todd Erwin

      City - Sewer & Water

      • Brett Goehring, Ed Freuck, Gary Wahle

      Code Compliance, Permits & Inspections

        Jill Willard, Gary Wahle, Jim Pingel, Darin Whatcott

        City - Parks & Cemetery

          Bob Dose, Todd Erwin, Mayor Bardsley

          City - Legal Liaison

          • Mayor Bardsley, Bob Dose, Jill Willard

          City - Economic Development & Housing Assistance Program

          • Mayor Bardsley, Ed Freuck, Brett Goehring

          City - Trails

          • Jan Ehrens, Todd Erwin, Jim Pingel

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